Clever And Cute Paint Stick Craft Ideas

Clever And Cute Paint Stick Craft Ideas

Oh my goodness! This is the perfect roundup for me and mine and I am so excited to feature it here today. Faith Tap has over 15 brilliant crafts you can make from those boring (and free) paint stir sticks. I have so many stir sticks in the garage. with my half finished paint projects, my constant sample buying, and my color changing I have gathered up quite a collection. It’s good to know that I can save some room in the garbage can and turn them into something crafty!

They shouldn’t be used to just stir paint anymore. Not with all these creative DIYs. Yes, that is what they were created to do but who doesn’t love repurposing?! And giving new life to old and worthless things is the best! I adore the home address sign! And the name tags have to be the cutest things I have ever seen! Which one is your favorite?


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