Coconut Oil Is Better Than Any Toothpaste

Coconut Oil Is Better Than Any Toothpaste
Coconut Oil is a powerful oil that helps to harmful bacteria that is responsible for damaging the teeth and gums. It is high time to ditch the toothpaste, and grab for the coconut oil instead.

Recent studies have been done by Irish scientists comparing coconut oil to toothpaste. The bacteria were placed into a dish, and the coconut oil was used on the Streptococcus mutants. The conclusion was that coconut oil should be used as the main ingredient in all toothpastes and mouth rinsing liquids. Doing this would ensure that our teeth would be protected.

Want to make some yourself, but don’t know how?


7 Tbsp coconut oil

7 Tbsp Baking soda (aluminum free)

30 drops essential oil of preference

1 ½ Tsp Stevia


Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl. I like to whip mine with a hand mixer to ensure a good texture, and pour into a mason jar until ready to use.


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Methods For Applying Coconut Oil to your Hair: Repairing, Nourishing, Smoothing, etc, Your Hair With Some Easy Tricks.

One of the main ingredients that almost all sun lotion, body and face creams contain is coconut oil. Recently, it is being added to hair products as well.

In order to have smooth, glossy, and long hair, women in Malaysia, Philippines, India, Burma and Caribbean have used coconut oil for hundred years.

The benefits you get from consume food products that contain coconut oil are undeniable. for more, below you can find out how great is it to your hair as well.

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1. Avoids Hair Loss

Oftentimes people can experience hair loss due to skin inflammations, fungal diseases and lack of health nutrition in their bodies. Coconut is highly known for its oil which provides nutrition to the hair scalp, and skins. If you are a regular coconut oil user, you will be less prone to different skin inflammations (1).

Usage:  3tbsp of coconut oil and 2 tbsp of sage oil are being mixed, and heated in order for the substance to be combined.  afterwards, we let it cool a little bit and then we take it with our hand and apply to our head. Then, we cover our head with a plastic bag until the morning when we wash out our hair as usual.

. Repairs and Maintains Damaged Hair

In comparison with sunflower oil, coconut oil has been qualified as the best natural remedy on avoiding hair damage and loss (2).also, it has been proven that it prevents the loose of hair proteins which contribute to a strong hair shaft.

Coconut oil can also be used for prevent split ends or repairs the almost split ones. However the best advice is to consider cutting them off every 2 months.

3. It Smoothes Your Hair

Hairs can be frizzy when the hair shaft is excessively dry. Being hydrophobic, coconut oil is able to repel water which helps your hair being moisturized, specifically your hair shaft.

You will end up having smooth and glossy hair simply by applying the coconut oil 10 – 15 min previous to washing. Applying the oil to your split ends will help you brush them easier. Following these easy steps will enable you to smoothly create your own hair styles.

4. Removes Dandruff

A common problem we often face regarding our hair is dandruff which is a hair condition characterized by the detaching of the skin, usually caused by dry skin (3).

Because coconut oil hydrates your skin,(4) dandruff is successfully treated(5).

Usage: castor oil and coconut oil is being mixed in equal parts. Hair scalp is being massaged and left at least 30 minutes before being washed. using this tip regularly will remove dandruff from your hair completely.

5. Destroys Lice

Another hair problem can be lice, especially for the children. Most of the cases hairs are being highly damaged and burned because of the toxic medicaments used to treat them.

Using coconut oil to treat lice is an excellent idea as it leaves your hair smooth and dehydrated instead of irritating your head skin (6).

Once you get lice they will tend grow and be reproduced. At this point, coconut oil will prevent them doing so, and kill their eggs.

Usage: apply the oil to your hair consistently every day, depending how fast your hair absorbs it. for the lice specifically you can add some oil drops of the tea tree, which makes the substance stronger on fighting the lice.

6. Prevents Gray Hair

The color of your hair depend on the pigment cells which are founded in the hair follicles. getting older means that the pigment will get weaker, which leads to gray hair. Coconut oil prevents them due to its ability to protect the hair follicles and nourish hair scalp. the healthier the follicles are the longer it will take for the hair to end up being gray.

Usage: mix lemon and coconut oil and massage your hair with them for 15 minutes. Repeat it every day.

Last Word !

If you are not a coconut oil user then your hair are missing a lot !

Majority of the shampoos out there contain coconut oil as one of the most important ingredients for healthy hairs. Check at your shampoo! If it doesn’t contain coconut oil, take the effort to consider adding it yourself.

Recommend the coconut oil to your family and friends ! You won’t regret for trying this healthy product !