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Finally There Is A Cure To People Suffering With Restless Leg

Finally There Is A Cure To People Suffering With Restless Leg
You are a longtime sufferer of restless leg syndrome (RSL) and you don’t have idea how to prevent or ease it. Then, you might want to pick up a bar of soap before bed tonight.

Some people find impossible to sit, and especially at night when it’s time for relax and fall asleep.

Anyone who suffers from restless leg syndrome (RSL) knows how annoying it is for you when you want to sleep, but you can’t stop jiggling your leg all night long.

A lot of people live with this issue, but doctors still don’t know the reason why it happens or how to treat this frustrating problem. Some doctors recommend exercise and therapeutic relaxation techniques to ease RSL, but in serious cases prescription is the only solution.

But, what if there’s one RSL remedy that you have never heard or thought before: soap.

You should try to place a bar of soap at the foot f your bed before falling asleep, and you will see results with the first time.

No one understands why it works, but over the years people suffering with RSL swear that this actually cures the fidgeting.

In one of the episode of “The Dr. Oz Show”, Dr. Mehmet Oz recommended that people should try placing a bar of lavender soap beneath their sheets at night, because lavender alone is considered a relaxing scent.

It is true that nobody knows why this trick works! But, honestly it is worth trying!