Don’t Use Cell Phone While Charging, It’s Dangerous!


Nowadays, we all use smartphones and they make our life easier, but there are also many things that can put us in danger. For instance, you should not use your phone while it’s charging. Also it is extremely dangerous to cover the device with your body, dress or bedding because it can burst and cause a flame. One such story is about an Indian kid whose hand has been hurt badly because his phone exploded from a supposed expanded radiation caused by low battery.

Many people believe in the supposed fact that when the baterry is low, mobile phones emit radiation. However, low battery is not the culprit – the weak sign is. When your smartphone has a weak signal, the phone works harder thus emits more radiation. This means that you should keep distance from the smartphone when in an elevator, remote country sides or other structures.

However, the true story about this kid is that he used a non –endorsed Chinese charger. Stay away from this  fake chargers because they put you at risk of blasts and exposions and it can seriously damage parts of your body. Even the big companies like Samsung are advising their customers not to use non-endorsed chargers for their smartphones.

Know you know the truth that low battery is not the reason why smartphones explode.



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Cut 12 garlic cloves into quarters and put the chunks in a glass bowl. Add half a liter of red wine. Close well and keep the bowl next to your window, as this remedy requires direct sunlight. Do not forget to stir it once in a while, and 2-3 times a day is just enough. After two weeks strain the mixture and keep the remedy in a glass bottle.

Take a teaspoon of the garlic-based remedy 2-3 times a day. The treatment should last for a month. But, be careful, you should only do the treatment once in half a year.