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Avocados are also full of healthy fats. Monounsaturated fats do not raise inflammation in the body like some omega 6 rich polyunsaturated fats can. Putting some avocado in your salad for lunch can help you feel full for longer.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids, particularly lauric acid, which is very easy to digest and your liver uses it easily for energy. Coconut oil is also very satiating; including some in your diet regularly can help to greatly reduce sugar and carbohydrate cravings.

Dark chocolate

Good quality dark chocolate is definitely a health food. By good quality I mean 85% cocoa or higher. Chocolate with a very high cocoa content is also generally very low in sugar. The intense flavor in this type of chocolate usually prevents most people from overindulging. It’s just so rich that you can’t possibly consume too much. The antioxidant polyphenols in chocolate help to neutralize free radicals in your body and can actually help to boost levels of healthy HDL cholesterol in your body. Most people with syndrome X, or insulin resistance have abnormally low levels of beneficial cholesterol in their blood, and too much of the wrong type of cholesterol, which can cause arterial plaques.

Oily fish

Oily fish is high in omega 3 fats, which promote the production of pain relieving prostaglandins (a type of hormone) in the body. Fish oil can help to reduce atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and blood clots. Examples of oily fish high in omega 3 fats and selenium include wild salmon, trout, mackerel, herrings, sardines, mullet and anchovies. If you do not eat these fish species regularly, you may wish to think about taking a fish oil supplement and a selenium supplement.


The active constituent of turmeric is called curcumin. It has powerful anti-inflammatory actions and is a fantastic natural pain reliever. Curcumin also has benefits to the digestive system, and can help relieve bloating and indigestion.