How To Make Your Own Backyard Fire Pit

How To Make Your Own Backyard Fire Pit
Does your ideal backyard feature a fire pit? Ours too! It makes summer so much more fun when we can safely make s’mores – or even other barbecue foods we’d normally throw on the grill! – over open-but-contained flame, and when the temps start to fall, fire pits extend our time outside and keep us warm. But we’re not always eager to start digging into our grass or make a permanent, dirty hole that just sits there when we’re not using it. So what can we do? Make a concrete one the DIY way! Household Hacker visits Rumble to show us how.


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A Man and His Son Move Into a Converted Gas Station. This Is Amazing!

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If you were a young boy, and your father took you to an old gas station and with great excitement asked you what you thought about living there, do you think you would jump with joy? Needless to say, it’s a rhetorical question! Robert Guthrie, an artist , kept looking at an old gas station with the idea of turning it into a home, but had to wait until he was able to afford it.

When he got the funds together and told his son he was going to turn it into a home for them to live in, his son really thought he had lost it! As you will see in the video you are about to watch below, that shows what an artist with a vision is capable of creating, you will be as blown away as his son and everyone who has seen it has been; the ‘before and after’ of this magnificent two-story loft is truly exciting
to behold!

Although he refurbished the outside, he maintained the look of an old gas station, but when you look inside Guthrie’s masterpiece of architecture with quirky details that incorporate parts of the original…WOW! The transformation is truly a testament to this artist’s imagination, vision and rare talent! Let us know what you think about this unusual living space.

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