Include These Alkaline Foods in Your Diet and See How Your Health Will Significantly Benefit!!!


We already know that consuming natural foods is crucial to our health. Studies have shown that it is better to have an alkaline state because we will then be less prone to diseases and have an increased lifespan. Moreover, an alkaline state can help you lose weight quicker, and control high blood pressure. Thus, studies suggest that we should avoid eating acidic foods such as sugar, meat, coffee, flour, dried fruits (sweeteners), alcohol, and sodas.

Below you can see some of the most alkaline foods which are not only healthy but delicious too. Consuming them you will reduce the acidity from your body.

Avocados – they have a pH of 8.0. As such it is able not only to provide alkalinity to your body but also balance the acidity of the acidic foods that you may consume.

Almonds-it is true that the majority of the nuts are acidic but almond is not one of them. Actually, it is a very important source to alkalinity and vitality of our health.

Watermelon– it has a pH of 9.0. It offers to our body numerous minerals and vitamins. As it contains a large amount of water it is very good to eat especially during hot summer days when our body may get dehydrated.

Ripe Bananas– oftentimes we don’t pay attention to the banana’s peel. Studies have shown that we should eat ripe bananas as they contain vitamins and alkaline properties.

Lemons– it is true that lemons taste acidic but the truth is that they have amazing alkalizing properties. Add slices of lemon to your food, tea or water. It doesn’t only benefit to your health but has a delicious taste also.

Garlic- You can use garlic as a delicious flavor to your food. It highly benefits your health by neutralizing the acidity in your body.

Asparagus– it provides to your body several vitamins and has an anti-aging power.  It has a pH of 8.5

Broccoli– it is known as “the anti-cancer vegetable”. Because of its high pH it is very successful at alkalizing process.


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