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Does This Remedy Cure Cancer? Learn now!!

People search for many alternative ways to fight cancer. These searches guide people to many discoveries of many medicines. One is made from Father Romano Zago, a Brazilian monk. He made this remedy with three ingredients: Aloe Vera, alcohol and honey.


Romano has a book called “You can get well from air” there he explains the cure. This remedy is easy to prepare, you can prepare it at home. All you’ll need is 35 grams of fresh Aloe Vera leaves, 6 tbsp of alcohol, rum, whiskey or brandy, and 50 grams of natural honey.

Clean and separate Aloe Vera into pieces, mix them in a blender and add the liquor and the nectar blend them until you get a homogeneous blend. Take one teaspoon 3 times a day for at least half an hour before your meals. Keep the mixture in a dark pot in a fridge.