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See How You Can Tell Whether It is a Real Mirror or a 2-Way Mirror!


Do you know how to figure out whether a mirror is 2-way or not? A policewoman who ventures everywhere throughout the US and gives courses and strategies for businesspeople passed this on.

When you go to the toilet, bathroom, or  hotel room, how do you know that the ordinary mirror that is in there is a real mirror or a 2-way mirror? For example they can see you but you can’t see them. There have been many cases of people installing 2-way mirrors in female changing rooms . It is very difficult to positively identify the surface by looking at it.

You can know it by following this simple test: place the tip of your fingernail against the reflective surface and if there is a GAP between your fingernail and the image of the nail, then it is genuine mirror. However, if your fingernail directly touches the image of your nail, then be careful because it is a 2-way mirror. ! IT IS A 2-WAY MIRROR!