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Onion – The Amazing ‘Cure All’

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Onion – The Amazing ‘Cure All’

You can heal everything with an onion

This statement is maybe exaggerating, but the truth is that the onion can do wonders when it comes to our health and how many diseases it can treat. It is amazing thing just how many folk and home remedies are including onion. Remedies for fevers, burns, warts and even cancer are including onion in their prescriptions.

Medicinal qualities of the onion

The quercetin is a flavonoid and is the main reason why onions are included in so many folk remedies. The red onions are including the highest amounts of quercetin and it can be found mostly on the part closest to the root and in its external rings which are nearest to the skin. Also the white and yellow onions are recommended in some home remedies. Quercetin has potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and anti-cholesterol properties. Onions also have the ability to eliminate the toxins from our bodies, thanks to the strong antibiotic properties. You should use them in their raw form in order to get all of their medicinal benefits.

Important note: If you intend to use food as medicine, you should use food that has been grown organically and locally. The onions that you can find in the markets aren’t grown organically and have traveled long distance which surely decreases their nutritional value. Keep in mind that the organic, locally grown onions will be the best for your homemade remedies.

Onions are helpful against the cold
You have probably heard that the onions are very effective against colds. You can eat whole raw onion after the first symptom of cold or drink a tea from boiled onion with ginger and honey. While eating raw onion you will cleanse your sinuses at the same moment and the onion tea works like potent antibiotic elixir that calms painful throat.

Onions are helpful against fever
Maybe it is a little bit strange to treat fever with an onion, but the people who tried it are very confident in it. In order to reduce high fever, you should do the following:

* Place grated potatoes, grated onions and a hint of minced garlic in a pair of socks.

* Wear those socks

* Apply a towel macerated in apple cider vinegar on your forehead.

Your temperature will surely decrease in the next hour.

Onions are helpful against cough
In order to treat cough you should prepare the following recipe:

* Strip off one large onion and cut it in half

* Cover the tops of the halves with ½ tablespoons of brown sugar

* Leave it to rest for one hour and then collect the syrupy contents from the dish.

* Take it twice in a day.

The brown sugar draws out the medicinal juice of the onion and makes the syrup more acceptable. Many people are avoiding the cough syrups. The people who used this syrup claim that it is very helpful, natural and inexpensive.

You can also drink the juice of an onion mixed with honey. The honey will calm your cough while the onion juice is a potent antibiotic.

Onions for earaches and wax build up
Have you ever felt a pain in your ear? Or maybe you had wax accumulated inside? In case you are suffering from these problems you should put an onion in your ear. You should put the inner most portion, known as the heart of the onion. Do it before sleeping. In the morning you will feel better because of the anti-inflammatory characteristics of the onion. The ear wax will be easier to remove thanks to the onion juice.

Onions to remove an eye irritant
You know that the onion will make you cry like no one else. This makes it great for removing some irritant out of your eye when the tears will start to flow. Your eye shouldn’t come in contact with the onion because it will make the things even worse.

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