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Eat 3 Eggs Within a Week and See How Your Body Will Benefit!!!


Majority of us think that eggs may be bad for our health since they are high in cholesterol. The truth is that if you skip eating eggs there are numerous health positives that you may lose.

Some of them are:

Eggs make you feel full– they do so because they have high levels of proteins. As such they can help you avoid feeling hungry for a longer time.

Help you lose fat-because they make you feel full they can help you lose fat quickly. There was a study done which shows that people who consumed eggs lost 65% more weight.

Boost your immune system– because of the numerous vitamins and nutrients that egg contains it is known to strengthens your immune system which means that you will be more strong towards different infections and diseases.

Improve your skin and hair condition– Eggs contain a lot of vitamins such as B2,B5, and B12. Such vitamins are crucial to a healthy skin and hair.

Strengthen your teeth and bones– Eggs contain vitamin D as well which is very important for your bones and teeth.

Reduce Stress– Egg contains 9 important amino acids which help different body systems. Any possible deficiency in a amino acid can have negative effects to your mental system. Consuming eggs will regulate the serotonin which will make you feel less stressed.

Lower the chances of heart disease– in case your blood cholesterol is increased you may experience heart disease. Even though people think that eating eggs can increase cholesterol, the truth is that it does just balance your cholesterol level which is highly good for your health.