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Here’s Why You Should Never Throw Your Rice Water Away Again

Here’s Why You Should Never Throw Your Rice Water Away Again
After we soak our rice to cook, typically it is thrown away. This, however, is wrong; traditionally this was used as an ancient Chinese treatment.

If you have never heard of or used rice water, it is high time to benefit from rice waters many health and beauty benefits. For centuries, Asian women have used rice water to beautify their face, body, and hair. Traditionally, female rice farmers in China, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries used to bathe and wash in the water used for cleaning rice.

Rice water has amazing hair and skin benefits. A recent study has shown that rice water exhibits wonderful hair care effects, such as decreasing surface friction and improves elasticity. Rice water has inositol, a carbohydrate that can repair damaged hair, as well as protect it from damage.

Do not limit rice water to hair, rice water also has many skin benefits. Due to its cooling and soothing effects on the skin, rice water is often prescribed by Ayurveda practitioners as an effective ointment to cool off inflamed skin.

Rice water also has moisturizing, antioxidant, and healing properties that help to improve circulation, prevent or fade age related spots, and ease inflammation to give you healthy, better moisturized and clear skin.

It also has many health benefits including:

It gives your body energy and increases the concentration of carbohydrates.

Successful cures gastroenteritis.

Acts preventive against cancer.

Regulates high blood pressure.

Regulates body temperature

How to prepare:

Make the rice as you normally would, but instead of following the recommended water amount add in more than you normally would.

You can drink the mixture while it is still warm, or use it to wash your hair and face.