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Say Goodbye To Tooth Cavities And Severe Pain Yourself By Following This Quick Remedy At Home.


One of the health problems we often face is toothache which is mostly caused by the tooth cavity.

You know you have tooth cavity if you find it difficult to chew food, to swell and have severe tooth

pain. Being in such situation, the first thing we think of is getting a pain relief pill because we are

tired or busy visit a dentist. Considering that tooth cavity is bad to your health because it means that

your oral hygiene is of a low level, you have practiced rare and improper brushing, and haven’t rinse

your mouth every time after you have eaten food.

The following home remedies are easy to follow, which will finally remove the cavities:

1. Clove

2 teaspoons of clove and ¼ teaspoons with powder of black pepper, are mixed and prepared to

brush your teeth with. Another thing you can do with clove, is taking some of it through a cotton

swab and apply it to the affected part of the tooth. The pain will be significantly reduced.

2. Lemon

4 teaspoons of lemon juice and half teaspoon with powder of asafetida are mixed. Then you take a

cotton pad and rub your teeth with it. You should do this procedure repeatedly every day. moreover,

if you chew a piece of lemon without peeling it, your add a little bit of lemon juice to your brush every

time you clean them, the pain will quickly go away.

3. Onion

If you have an infected tooth and have pain because of it, you can take a slice of onion and apply to

that area. it has been claimed that if your daily food is enriched with onions, you will be less likely to

have tooth cavities.

4. Garlic

Take 2 or three garlic cloves and mix them with rock salt(¼ teaspoon). You will now have a paste as

a result of the mixture. In order to relieve the pain caused by tooth infection, apply this paste to that

area. Repeating this procedure every day, not only will make pain go away, but also heal the

cavities. Rubbing your teeth with garlic or consuming garlic is a very beneficial to your teeth and

health overall.

5. Cheese

We are aware of the benefits we can get by consuming cheese as part of our food. Now, you have

one more reason to eat cheese because, it is known to be highly successful for curing tooth cavities.

6. Warm Water

Toothache can also be relieve only by using warm water while you are brushing your teeth. For more

execute this little procedure: take a glass of warm water, throw one teaspoon of salt, mix it and rinse

your mouth with it 3-5 times per day. Pain will be relieved quickly.

7. Wheatgrass Juice

Drinking such a juice makes your toothache be relived. Treating and preventing tooth decay using

this juice is proven to be significantly effective procedure.

. Mustard Oil

You can mix such a oil with lemon juice and use it as a toothpaste to brush your teeth with. It is

claimed to reduce cavities if you use it regularly.

9. Cranberry juice

It is proven that simply by consuming cranberry or cranberry juice you will have a better oral

hygiene. Doing this in daily basis relives tooth cavities.

10. Mint and Morgosa Leaves

Pick some leaves and put them in a container of boiling water. Leave it to cool for few minutes and

rinse your mouth with it every day. This is a very natural way of treating cavities, and relieving


11. Herbal Tea

Herbal tea plays a crucial role as tooth cavity preventer, simply by consuming this tea on daily basis.

Whether you consume teas such as cranberry, blueberry, or chamomile the effect will be the same.

12. Cold Water

Take a glass of water and throw to it some lemon juice. Rinse your mouth with this mixture on daily

basis. You can also use small cubes of ices warp them with a towel and apply to the tooth which

causes you pain.