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7 Simple Exercises That Will REALLY Help With Back Pain

As we get a little older there are a lot of positives in life. We get to see our kids or relatives grow up. We get to earn money and become more independent. We can drink, eat what we want and stay out late.

However it’s not all positives, there are a number of annoying things we often need to deal with and for a lot of us, one of these is lower back pain. As we go through out every day life, working, going to the gym and generally being active, we can inadvertently be damaging our spine without knowing it.

Fortunately there are some really simple and effective exercises you can do to overcome these aches and pains. Here are 7 we have picked out for you.

Exercise 1


While laying flat on your back bend your right knee slightly. Then lift your left leg into the air while holding it with both hands behind the knee. Bull your knee toward your torso and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other leg then twice again on both legs.

Exercise 2


While laying on your back, bend both your legs at the knee. Then holding your left leg at the knee with your hands wrapped round the front of the knee, bring it toward your torso. When you feel a stretch, hold for 20 seconds. Then repeat on the other leg. Repeat this exercise twice on both legs.

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