This Will Shock You – The Juice That Kills Cancer Cells, Treat Diabetes, Gastritis and Lower Blood Pressure !


This juice is more effective than any type of modern medicine. It successfully prevents diabetes, gastritis, high blood pressure and many other serious diseases, including cancer. The useful benefits of raw potatoes are known for centuries, for people who use them in folk medicine, but despite that, we all still think that we shouldn’t consume raw potatoes. But, actually, it is mistake, because in raw form, potatoes are very healthy and extremely useful food.

Another important thing, worth mentioning, is that it’s necessary to peel of some potatoes before eating. Immature potatoes with green skin and potatoes sprout can be dangerous. The danger lies in Solana – the poison that exists in germ and green parts of potatoes. However, in such a potato you can easily remove the shell before use.

A lot of medical experts, including John Lesindzer and Dr. John Tucakov wrote many articles about the healing properties of potato juice.

John Lesindzer believes that this juice is the best natural remedy for the treatment of gastritis , one of the most common diseases of modern times.

Lesindzer recommends taking 1 tbs. of homemade potato juice with little water. You should drink this homemade potato juice 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. He also claims that in treating stomach and duodenal problems, you should take ½ deciliter of potato juice on empty stomach. And you should take ½ deciliter 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Dr. Kagamine, a professor of Medicine University of Akita, Japan,

has conducted a study in which he managed to isolate the substance of raw potatoes. He found that this substance was effective in suppressing the growth of tumor cells in mice. The results of his study were published in the IC (International Congress) for the fight against cancer. The Congress which was held in Germany.

Today, the potato is gaining importance as an effective tool in the fight against diseases of the kidneys and liver, but also in cases of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, lumbago, rheumatism and so on.

Notwithstanding the positive effects in the treatment of serious diseases, drinking juice of raw potato is an excellent tool for strengthening the immune system.

So if you feel weak or exhausted, drink juice made from a single medium-sized potato, carrots and apples, once daily in the morning and evening, and in two weeks you will get back the good of the health condition.

Benefits of potato juice:

  • Boosts immunity

  • Cleanses the body of toxins

  • Treat skin diseases

  • Fight cancer

  • Helps with gastritis and other stomach problems

  • It lowers blood sugar

  • Aids in liver and kidney ailments

  • Protects against cardiovascular disease

  • Shell potato is contributing to the detoxification of the body and is the source of many nutrients.

Potato peel helps with the detoxification process in removing the harmful toxins from your body and it’s a source of many healthy nutrients. The potato peel contains high amounts of healthy nutrients, such as: Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, protein and a lot of carbohydrates. It’s very important for you to know that potatoes lose their Vitamin C when they are cooked. This is really a great pity, because there is 27 mg of Vitamin C in one medium sized raw potato, which makes 45% of the recommended daily intake for this vitamin.

Potatoes are also very effective in treating skin problems. They give your skin a clean and radiant complexion, and skin without acne and blackheads. Due to its antiseptic properties, it’s great cleaner skin problems, and because it contains a high percentage of vitamin C and starch, nourishes the skin and prevents its aging.All you have to you is grind some potatoes and apply them as a facial mask. It will clean and tighten your skin. Potato can help in the fight against cellulite. All you have to do is rub the critical area with a slice of potato.

How to Make Homemade Potato Juice

This is very easy. First, wash the potatoes and remove all the green parts and the seeds from the crust. Then, cut the potato into this slices. Then, wrap them in a cloth fabric and squeeze the juice. Or you can use a juicer as well.

This is very important thing you should remember – You should always drink freshly prepared juice from potatoes. You can mix it with fruit and vegetables of your choice. You can add apples, carrots, lemon juice and some honey.

The author of the book “The road to a healthy lifestyle: Cancer is nothing to fear” is the Buddhist monk Tomizawa. According to him, just by drinking 2 cups of potato juice every day you can greatly contribute to cure cancer and other diseases as well.


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Running and walking are both excellent aerobic exercises, as both help promote weight loss, improve your sleep, elevate your mood, boost your energy level, decrease blood pressure and cholesterollevelsand decrease the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Many feel walking is more of a mode of transport than exercise, but it really is one of the best things you can do for your body, your looks and long-term health. Walking is more than just getting from here to there, those steps are improving  cardiovascular strength, strengthening & toning your muscles for more fat-burning power and lowing the chance of disease.

Walking vs. Running

Brisk walking actually reduces the risk of heart disease more effectively than running when the energy expenditure of both activities is balanced out. A study where researchers compared data from two studies over a period of six years of 33,060 runners and 15,045 walkers aged 18 to 80, found that when the same amount of energy was expended, walkers experienced greater health benefits than runners.

Running does reduce the risk of heart disease by 4.5% while walking reduced it by 9.3%, however calorie for calorie, walking also had a stronger impact on heart disease risk factors:

  • Risk of first-time high blood pressure was reduced by 4.2% by running and 7.2% by walking.
  • First-time high cholesterol risk was lowered by 4.3% by running and 7% by walking.
  • The risk of first-time diabetes was reduced by about 12% by both walking and running.

Study leader Dr Paul Williams, from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California stated that moderate-intensity walking and running both provide ideal health benefits because they involve the same muscle groups, they are just performed at different intensities. The runners and walkers had to expend the same energy to get the same benefits. That means you’d have to walk longer than you’d have to run for the same effect.

Walking and running are low-cost, easy-to-do anywhere, year-round, and even social activities. But since running is more rigorous than walking, so if you’re going to run, you should select a running program to maximize your conditioning in minimum time.

Dangers Of Pushing Too Hard

A report published by researchers from Denmark in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, showed that people who push their bodies too hard may essentially undo the benefit of exercise. Those who ran at a fast pace more than four hours a week, for more than three times per week, had about the same risk of dying during the study’s 12-year follow up, as those who were sedentary and hardly exercised at all. The link held up even after the researchers accounted for potentially confounding factors such as age, sex, whether the participants had a history of heart disease or diabetes, or if they smoked and drank alcohol.

In fact, those with the lowest risk of dying during the study, were people who ran less than three times a week for one to 2.4 hours, at a slow to moderate pace. Even people who ran slightly more, for 2.5 hours to four hours a week at an average pace, less than 3X a week, showed slightly higher mortality risk at 66%, which was something that came as a surprise.

One looking to lose weight and stay healthy, should find a happy medium that’s just right to maintain heart health, burn off excess calories and keep blood sugar levels under control. According to these results, that sweet spot is closer to the ‘less’ side of the curve than the ‘more’ side. So the good news is that those who do not wish to run, can obtain the same health and fitness benefits by walking more.


Why Walking is Great For Almost Everyone

Walking is a great exercise for those who are just starting to workout or for those with health problems. Also, for the significantly overweight, walking can be less stressful on the body. An important factor to consider when looking at the difference between running and walking, is that because of the repetitive nature of running, the risk of injury is greater. Running is considered high impact exercise. This can cause injury to the hip, knee and ankle joints. Walking is a low impact activity and is less damaging to the body.

While walking is easier on your hip and knee joints, you should still do lunges or squats twice a week. The RealAge benefit of 10,000 steps a day is feeling 4.6 years younger for women and 4.1 for men. You can even find ways to fit walking in while you work, such as a walking meeting or a treadmill desk.

Still Wanting To Run Rather Than Walk?

If you do choose to run, a way to reduce your risk of injury is by running on the best surfaces such as grass, woodland trails, earth, cinders and man-made tracks. Also, wear good quality shoes and be sure to run with correct form and gradually increase the mileage that you run.