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The effect Of Aspirin Into The Washing Machine

The effect Of Aspirin Into The Washing Machine

Grab five 325mg aspirin tablets and let them dissolve in 2 gallons of hot water. You can also break up the tablets so that they dissolve more quickly.

Put your grayish garments into the solution and let them soak for 8 hours, or simply overnight. Make sure all of your clothes are completely submerged in the water.

After 8 hours either remove your laundry and dry it, or if you prefer, run it through a normal cycle in the washing machine. In addition to fighting off grayness, aspirin also works to help remove stains!

If you want to remove bloodstains, however, it’s necessary that you first dissolve the aspirin in cold water before soaking the affected garments for 2 hours. Never attempt to remove bloodstains with hot water. The protein in the blood will clump, therefore making the stain even more difficult to remove.