What These Children Did to Help Police Catch a Bad Guy is Just AMAZING!!!


This is a story about a group of young kids who thought of a highly creative way to help the police catch a bad guy. These kids made an Easter egg hunt in a field of a farm near Surrey, England. It is important to note that this egg was a fundraiser for an ill boy with leukemia. They were playing on this huge field when they noticed a helicopter. A little girl who was one of these kids explains the situation telling how they noticed the helicopter on which was written “police” on the bottom, and then they saw a man running along the side of the field.

The police couldn’t see the man because he was hiding in the woods. They started to yell to the helicopter trying to tell the man’s direction. As the police couldn’t hear and see them what they were trying to tell, these kids decided to do something else. Two of the kids lie down and formed a human arrow. It was very noticeable by the police who initially thought that they are just playing something interesting. However, they got the message soon and realized that they are trying to tell them the location of the man.

It is unbelievable but they followed the kids arrow and were able to catch the man.

These kids are some real heroes!



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WOW! See How You Can Make Yourself Look Younger Through THIS Recipe!


Undoubtedly, all of us would like to have some anti-age creams which would keep our skin young and healthy. I believe that you may have noticed the fact that Japanese women are the most young-looking women throughout the world.  They have an amazing and beautiful skin without a single flaw. Also, they have no wrinkles which should appear as they get older. They seem to have a miraculous tip for looking 30 years old when they are actually 50 years old.

Now, do you think that these women use a highly expensive mask or something like that in order to have a young skin? The answer is that, they are not. Fortunately, these women use a simple recipe which you can make yourself. The good thing is that it doesn’t cost you anything.

This Japanese woman called Geisha, has been using this recipe a long time ago. The secret of this recipe is rice, due to the nutrients and numerous minerals that it contains.

Ingredients and instructions:

You need to have: 3 tbs of rice, 1 tbs of honey, and 1 tbs of milk. All that you need to do is: take a medium bowl with water and put in it the rice. Cook it in heat (medium).  After cooking the rice you should remove it from the heat and wash it with cold water. Put the honey and the milk (it should be warm) and mix them well.  Apply the mixture on your face and leave it for 40-60 minutes. Finally, you should wash your skin with the water that remained in the bowl where the rice was initially cooked.

You will see how your skin will be more nourished, less damaged, and highly younger that before.