When you wake up late to go to the bathroom, keep one eye closed for this reason I never knew

The human body can miraculously heal itself from cuts and wounds without our intervention. However, sometimes you may want to give your body a little help if you’re in a hurry for a cure. Try these cool “body tricks” to quickly heal everything from a hiccup to a scratchy throat!

Keep One Eye Closed

This is a brilliant but simple trick! Try to keep one eye closed while going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. According to Dr. Mercola, exposure to bright light on the retina of the eye tricks our brains into thinking it’s daytime, making it hard to fall asleep. So by keeping one eye closed for those midnight bathroom breaks, you can quickly readjust to the the darkness and fall asleep like a baby once the lights go out.

Roll Your Neck

If you’ve ever leaned your body weight up against your arm or hand for too long, you know what it feels like when those limbs become numb and “fall asleep.” Dr. Oz says that you go numb because you’ve been compressing the nerves and they aren’t getting enough oxygen. Instead of flailing your arm or hand around like a crazy chicken, try to wake up those frozen limbs by rolling your head to the back of your neck. This works because the nerves in your neck head straight down your arm to your hand, and are the root cause of the numbness. This won’t work with your foot, so you’ll just have to keeping doing the floor stomping dance to wake up your toes!

Hiccups, Hiccups And More Hiccups

There’s never just one round of hiccups! When your diaphragm spasms, the air you are normally breathing in and out is halted by the vocal cords, causing the hiccup sound. Hiccups themselves can be caused by eating too quickly, swallowing too much air, sudden temperature changes in the stomach, or just being too excited! If you find yourself the unfortunate victim of this annoying condition, try opening your mouth and reflexively swallow. Continue to swallow for a few moments with your mouth open. This may help to calm the spasms in the diaphragm, making the hiccups disappear for good!

Hold Back The Tears

At some point in your life, you’ll probably experience a public meltdown. Whether it’s bad news or just a very stressful work week, a breakdown can happen when you least expect it! If you feel the waterworks coming on, try this easy eye trick. Look around and find some objects to stare at. One at a time, slowly name the color of each object. By concentrating and focusing on the objects, you’ll start to calm your breathing and heart rate. This practice can prevent the tears from pouring out and potentially save you from embarrassment!

Pull Your Ear

While you may already rub your temples to ease a headache, there are a few other pressure points that work even better. Try pulling your ear next time you feel a headache coming on. As opposed to a temple rub, which only relieves tension in the brow area, this ear tugging technique provides all-over relief. To do this, hold the “meat” of your ear and gently pull out and back. This moves the temporal bone just enough to allow fresh cerebral-spinal fluid in, cleansing and nourishing the area.

Afraid Of Needles?

For some folks, getting a flu shot or having blood drawn can instill a sense of fear and anxiety! The good news is that German researcher Taras Usichenko found that coughing while getting poked with a needle can trick your body into not feeling pain! The results of the study were inconclusive as to why it helps, but it could be due to either cognitive distraction or a temporary increase in blood pressure. So go ahead and cough a few times the next time a big, bad needle comes your way.
Thaw Your Brain!

Most of us have had this happen to us before. We get excited about drinking that delicious ice cream milkshake and gulp it down way too fast! However, that split second of pleasure is often followed by an immediate and intense headache. It happens when your brain detects a sudden loss of heat, and it wants to protect itself! So it will force the blood vessels in the roof of your mouth to swell in size in order to bring the heat back, but the side effect is a brain freeze. Dr. Michael Sinkin says that you can easily and quickly get rid of that horrible brain pain by warming the roof of your mouth with your tongue.

Swallow Pills With Ease

Swallowing horse-sized pills can be problematic for many people, even if they don’t have any issues swallowing large portions of food. If you are on prescription medication, you don’t really have a choice in whether or not you want to take it. However, Dr. Mercola has an easy trick for swallowing pills with ease! Pop the pill in your mouth, take a sip of water, and lean your head forward as you swallow. By leaning forward, your body’s reflex will take over and naturally move the pill to the back of your throat so that swallowing it is painless!

Watch this video to find out how to clear out an itchy throat!


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Dates – The Healthiest Fruit On This Planet That Can Cure Almost Every Disease!

Dates are abundant in fiber which is essential for proper digestion.

The high natural sugar content in dates is what makes them a great alternative for ordinary sugar. Apart from being easily metabolized, they’re also filling and satisfy hunger. Abounding in nutrients, dates are an excellent fruit choice for both children and adults. Plus, dates are extremely beneficial for treating various conditions and illnesses such as anemia, high cholesterol, and even cancer.

Dates – The Healthiest Fruit On This Planet That Can Cure Many Diseases!

Rich in Iron

Dates are highly efficient in treating anemia because they are a rich source of iron. 100g dates contain about 0.90g iron, which accounts for about 11% of the recommended daily intake. And, iron plays vital role in transferring oxygen in the blood. Generally, teenagers and pregnant women are the groups that need more iron.

Abundant in Eye Vitamins

Due to the fact that dates contain lutein and zeaxantine, they are often referred to as ‘eye vitamins.’ Lutein and zeaxantine are known to be highly beneficial for the eye retina and macula since they enhance the eyesight and prevent any possible damage to the macula, which deteriorates with age. If you want to improve your eyesight, you should eat more dates.

Treat Diarrhea

Moreover, dates contain calcium, a mineral important for diarrhea treatment. Plus, dates can do wonders for the renewal of the gut flora. Regular date consumption stimulates the proliferation of good bacteria in the intestines.

Help Constipation

Just as dates can help against diarrhea, they also stimulate good digestion and eliminate toxins from the body. If you suffer from constipation, you should leave a few dates in a glass of water overnight. During the night, dates will release their juice which is a great laxative, and will help the function of the intestines. And that’s not all; dates also stimulate metabolism because they have high fiber content – 100g dates contain 8.5g fiber.

Facilitate Delivery

According to an experiment conducted at the Jordan University for Science and Technology, consuming dates on regular basis starting 4 weeks before the due date can alleviate pain and reduce the bleeding. The study showed that women who consumed dates had much easier delivery as opposed to the women that did not eat this fruit. In addition, dates help women get through the postpartum depression more easily and produce enough milk for the baby.

Regulate Weight

Dates give a feeling of fullness and actually stimulate weight loss as a result of the many nutrients they contain. Eating a date on an empty stomach will not only regulate the work of your intestines, but also your blood sugar levels. But, have in mind that although dates don’t contain cholesterol, they do contain plenty of sugar, so excessive consumption would lead to weight gain instead (1kg dates contains 3,000 calories).

Strengthen the Heart

Dates have also shown to be beneficial for heart conditions so people with weak heart are advised to consume dates on a regular basis. Leave some dates in a glass of water overnight. In the morning blend the dates and the water together. You can drink this several times during the day.

Reduce Hypertension

Although dates contain little sodium, they are quite abundant in calcium. A serving of 5-6 dates contains near 80mg magnesium, a crucial mineral for blood vessel dilatation. According to research, 370mg magnesium per day can effectively reduce blood pressure.

Stroke Prevention

Thanks to its high potassium content, this amazing fruit is beneficial for maintaining a healthy nervous system. According to studies, the risk of stroke can be reduced for up to 40% with sufficient potassium consumption (about 400mg a day).

Food for the Brain

Furthermore, dates contain phosphorus, which is great for the brain.

Energy Booster

For optimal energy boosting, combine dates and milk as this will help you get the maximum amount of natural sugars this fruit contains (including glucose, sucrose and fructose).

Increase Libido

For increased sexual drive, soak a few dates in some goat milk and leave them overnight. In the morning, mix the fruit and milk, add honey and cardamom (spice) and drink it. This combination is equally beneficial for both men and women because it strengthens the body and increases the energy level.

Source: http://www.healthadvisorgroup.com/