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Did you Know That Pickles Can Improve Your Social Life


Pickles are an excellent ingredient in hamburgers and one of the weirdest, most frequent cravings of pregnant women. Pickles also surprisingly can have an effect on your state of mind.

Stated by Smithsonian magazine, pickles can in some way affect things like neurosis and anxiety. Because fermented foods are rich in probiotics, they have a positive power on your digestive system. “In other words,” National Geographic’s Rebecca Rupp writes, “if you’ve got a case of social jimjams, eating a bowl of sauerkraut may be the equivalent of popping a Valium.”

Eat a pickle a day if you’re feeling a little worried about that speech you have to give at your sister’s wedding, or that big meet-and-greet coming up at school. Also, pickles are yummy, so there’s really no reason to hold back.

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