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The Best 5 Houseplants That Stop Insomnia

5 plants you are advised to have at home:

      Aloe Plant

This plant is extremely strong detoxifier of the body. Its presence in your home will eliminate harmful chemicals from the cleaning products that contaminate the air.  When these detrimental chemicals have polluted the air to a high extent, you can notice brown spots on the Aloe plan.

    English Ivy

This plant is extremely effective in filtering the air, as it absorbs the biggest amounts of formaldehyde. What is also great about the English ivy is the fact that it is extremely simple to grow, as it does not need much sun.


It can improve the quality of your sleep, as it reduces anxiety, and ensures that you wake up in a good mood.



This amazing plant has a fantastic smell which has a relaxing and calmative effect, so inhaling it can improve your sleep. Moreover, it effectively treats anxiety and insomnia.

 Snake plant

It produces oxygen during the night, and at the same time, it absorbs the carbon dioxide we exhale, and will greatly improve your sleep.